“Image”: Marsalek is said to have lived in Moscow

According to a media report, the wanted ex-Wirecard board member Jan Marsalek went into hiding in Moscow and may still live there today. The “Bild” newspaper (Monday edition) reported that the Austrian was under the “care” of the Russian secret service FSB. His whereabouts have been known to German authorities since the beginning of 2021.

At that time, the German embassy in Moscow learned, according to “Bild”, that a sponsor of the German school there was doing ominous business. The man is said to be dealing in the Russian vaccine “Sputnik V”, is in connection with a paramilitary mercenary force and has excellent contacts in Austria. According to “Bild”, the man is said to be Marsalek.

Report: FSB offered meetings with Marsalek

Shortly thereafter, according to “Bild”, the FSB offered the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) a meeting and an interview with Marsalek. The BND headquarters in Berlin had been informed about the offer. According to the report, the Moscow BND officials asked for instructions as to whether a meeting with Marsalek should take place and how the alleged billionaire fraudster should be questioned.

According to the newspaper, the BND headquarters did not answer the question from Moscow. However, the Chancellery in Berlin was informed about the explosive offer of talks. The Bavarian law enforcement authorities, who are investigating those responsible for the former DAX group near Munich, were apparently not informed about the offer.

According to the report, they received only a vague indication of a building near a “long highway in Moscow” as Marsalek’s hiding place.

German government does not want to comment on the report

A spokesman for the German federal government told the “Bild” that the federal government does not publicly comment on matters “concerning any intelligence findings or activities of the intelligence services”. The Bundestag will check whether at least the investigative committee and control committee were properly informed.

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The main hearing against the former Wirecard boss Markus Braun, who also comes from Austria, is scheduled for the Munich I district court in the fall. The Wirecard boardroom is said to have booked bogus transactions in the billions over the years in order to keep the company, which was then listed in the DAX, afloat and to cheat loans. It is one of the biggest economic scandals in German history. In addition to Braun, other ex-top managers have been charged. Marsalek is officially considered to be in hiding.



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