Im Test: Sennheiser CX True Wireless

Sennheiser launches the CX true wireless headphones and promises top technology and top sound at a reasonable price. What is behind this frequently heard promise? PCtipp tests.

Not only in terms of name, but also optically, the CX TW is similar to its inexpensive predecessor, the CX 400 BT. However, the market setting for our current “test specimen” is different. While its unofficial predecessor served the entry-level segment, the CX should meet higher demands. With an RRP of 149 francs, it is between the 400 BT (109 francs) and Sennheiser’s best horse in the True Wireless stable, the Momentum True Wireless 2, which is currently over the counter for 249 francs.

Sennheiser is pursuing a “back to the basics” strategy with the CX TW. No chichi extra features, just good sound. So they give the CX TW AAC and AptX support, which is very rare in this price range. The app also has an equalizer that allows manual adjustments for music playback. Audio first at its best.

The earphones themselves, incidentally available in black and white, are extremely light and offer a pleasant yet firm hold in the ear. To be on the safe side, Sennheiser includes four pairs of silicone attachments in different sizes. The touch area is also a pleasant size, and commands such as Play/Pause, the volumeControl or calling the Google Assistants submit well.

As mentioned at the beginning, the 400BT and the CX are optically almost identical. Although the workmanship is of high quality here too, the difference to the Momentum TW headphones is the one that most catches the eye – especially when it comes to the case. The hinge has a little play, the materials used are thinner and the proportion of plastic feels higher than in the case of the fabric-covered noble case of the Momentum. The front is equipped with a status LED, which provides information about the charge status of the battery. If this gets deeper, the case can be charged via USB-C, a USB-C to USB-A cable is included. Speaking of batteries: 9 hours per handset charge, 27 hours in total (can be charged in the case) – these are the values ​​that Sennheiser announces. A good 4 hours of music are in there per day if the charging process should not take place more than once a week. Incidentally, even in bad weather: The earphones are IPX4 certified, so they will withstand a few raindrops. However, it is not advisable to go to the indoor swimming pool together at this point.

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Make a phone call

In fact, wireless telephony is often neglected, even with high-priced devices. Really great sound – especially when you’re sitting in the S-Bahn, contemporary with a mask – you don’t experience that often. Sennheiser installs a total of 4 microphones to ensure voice quality. There is also the sidetone feature, which enables the wearer to hear their own voice while making a phone call. Telephoning with just one handset is also possible using the app. Thank you fellow travelers. Overall, the result is okay, you understand each other – no failures, voice distortions and the like.



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