I’m leaving for a while: Geurts family vs. Mensing family – I’m leaving

In Ik Vertrek Even Weg, old candidates can gain inspiration from each other, can they learn something from each other or will it be a real test? This week, the Geurts and Mensing families hope to learn from each other how to combine family life with a home business.

Geurts family

In 2017 Dirk, Feikje and their children Jep and Siem leave their perfect life in Amsterdam behind to make their dreams come true in Spain. They want to feel the sun on their skin and make people happy with a nice holiday address. They buy a house on top of a mountain in Andalusia where they want to build holiday homes.

Feikje, Dirk, Siem, Jep and Boaz

Everything seems to be running smoothly for the Geurts family. The bed & breakfast in Andalusia is a huge success and there is family expansion with the arrival of Boaz. Yet they also continue to run into that one big problem; how do you combine family life with a home business?

Family Mensing

Jean Paul and Rosalie Mensing love the Italian atmosphere and mentality. They are therefore very happy when they leave for Umbria in 2020 with their children Dylan and Isabella. Here they have bought a dilapidated building with a large piece of land. In three months they want to refurbish four apartments and build a glamping site.

Jean Paul, Rosalie, Dylan and Isabella

The Mensing family has only been living in Italy for 1.5 years and despite the fact that they have already built up a lot, they are still searching. Jean Paul and Rosalie run into rules that keep their enthusiasm slowed down. They also find it difficult to be there for the children. They therefore find it interesting to take a look at a family that has been working for some time.

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Broadcast on Saturday, June 4, 2022 at 10.30 pm on NPO 1 (after that, the broadcast can be seen again on NPO Start).



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