I’m in love! Gianinna Maradona shared a photo kissing Daniel Osvaldo

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What at first were rumors was confirmed five months ago: Gianinna Maradona Y Daniel Osvaldo they are in a relationship. And very little by little, in their social networks they are showing part of their romance.

A few days ago the daughter of the Ten showed that with her boyfriend they share the same bracelet and put a romantic: “I love you.” The relationship between them is becoming more and more Gianinna He already showed familiar situations with him and Claudia Villafañe and also with his son Benjamín, who he had with him When.

And in the last hours, he uploaded to his Instagram Stories a photo where he is with a group of friends and where he is seen giving a kiss on the cheek to the ex of Jimena Baron.

For now, the only signs of love between them are published on their social networks, but neither of them referred to their courtship in interviews.


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