In tears and with a broken voice, Walter Rupprecht, father of Ana Lucía, a little girl who died after several medical omissions in hospitals in Mexico and Switzerland, says that the death of her daughter will not be in vain and will demand that there be a better in Mexico. healthcare system.

On January 28, Walter and Ana Lucía boarded a plane in Mexico City to go to Europe due to the shortage of cancer drugs. The girl was in remission of her leukemia and traveled to finish her treatment in Switzerland; however, a series of oversights in that country ended up costing him his life.

“She did not have to come to Switzerland, if she had had all the medicine in Mexico, happy we would have stayed there, they were very complicated months, at least now my daughter has stopped suffering and that is the important thing,” regrets Walter .

Since May 2019, when Ana Lucía was diagnosed with acute leukemia, her family paid for the medications because Hospital 20 de Noviembre, in Mexico City, did not have enough supplies.

Already in Switzerland, the little girl also suffered omissions. According to her family, the doctors of the Children’s Hospital of Zurich did not apply four intrathecal chemotherapies, she had a bone marrow aspirate, they did not perform a toxicology test, nor did they provide her with enough medicines, so she acquired a severe neutropenia, and was also sent to her house without being attended.

This caused her to relapse on June 14, when she went unemployed and was dead for five minutes. The doctors intervened and managed to save her, although with a lot of damage to her organs, so she had to be connected to a machine that replaced the functions of her heart, kidneys and lungs.

This was maintained for 10 days, a period in which there were complications of bleeding, clots and infections. In this situation, her parents decided to disconnect her. “We did everything we could for my baby, but it was not enough and now he is not with us and that kills me.”

With the pain of having lost his daughter, Walter assures that on his return to Mexico he will try to make visible the consequences of the shortage of medicines. “I am going to make it worth all this suffering my daughter had, that no child grows up with incomplete schemes.”

The Foreign Ministry already supports this family to coordinate their return to Mexico, after they receive the ashes of Ana Lucia today.

“We will have to learn to live with this pain, because forget, never; she was the love of my life, ”says Walter and is heartbroken.