“I'm dying!”: Pedro Pascal shows his most fanatical side at Beyoncé's concert

“I'm dying!”: Pedro Pascal shows his most fanatical side at Beyoncé's concert

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Pedro Pascal is as much of a Beyoncé fan as you are.

The star of ‘The Last of Us’ has dropped by the Reinaissance World Tour and has attended the last concert of ‘Queen Be‘ in Los Angeles. From there, her friend and colleague, Sarah Paulson, has been in charge of sharing with her followers one of the most frantic moments of the evening, in which the actor lost his nerves before the singer’s talent.

During a live broadcast made by Paulson through his Instagram profile, Pascal could be seen exclaiming between laughs: “I’m dying!“, while grabbing the head of another of his companions, Mickey Rapkin (creator of ‘Giving the note’). In the background, ‘Black Parade‘, one of Beyoncé’s greatest hits, was being represented on stage a few meters from the performers.

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Just before the end of the video, Pascal yells the same thing again, remarking the message: “I! I’M! DYING!

A good concert has never hurt anyone. Much less if the one who is entertaining with her music is one of the most recognized singers of the last decades. We hope that Pascal can fully recover very soon and we confirm that she has not lost her life along the way.

[Ifyouwanttoseethevideoofthe[Siquieresverelvídeodelmomentazo from Pascal, you can find it clicking here.]

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peter pascal

Rosalind O’Connor/NBC

Have you seen all of Pedro Pascal’s series before the success of ‘The Last of Us’ and ‘The Mandalorian’? If so and you’re desperately looking for something new to watch, in Pascal’s future is the second season of ‘The Last of Us’, HBO’s flagship series, in which he stars alongside Bella Ramsey.

After broadcasting the first batch of episodes during the first months of this year, the chain gave the green light to the new chapters, which will continue to adapt the famous video game saga of the same name. The premiere date of the second season has not been confirmed yet.but it could be approximately between the end of 2024 and the beginning of 2025.

hbo the last of us


As reported from Consequence TVCraig Mazin, one of the creators of the series, spoke about the future of it and admitted: “The amount of story left, that we haven’t covered, would be more than one season. So yeah, assuming we can move on, the idea would be to do more than one season.”.

Although the creator’s plans are focused on the long term, there are still no official confirmations from HBO that this is true. For the moment we will have to settle for waiting for the second season like rain in May.

‘The Last of Us’ has its chapters available in streaming an HBO Max.

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