ILO and Unicef ​​warn of the need to provide social protection to children

ILO and Unicef ​​warn of the need to provide social protection to children

The International Labor Organization (ILO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) warned that approximately 800 million children in the world subsist below the poverty line of $3.20 a day, reviewed Latin Press.

The data emerges from a research paper published this Wednesday, in which both organizations agree on the urgency of providing social protection to the more than one billion children in the world who live in poverty.

In this sense, the report called More than a billion reasons, stipulates that social protection contributes to increasing the access of minors to the right to education, health, housing and food, which helps prevent work and child marriage, to which they are exposed.

The ILO and Unicef ​​highlight in the report the urgency of building universal social protection for children, since between 2016 and 2020, some 50 million children from zero to 15 years of age did not receive it, which is equivalent to a total of one thousand 460 million boys and girls in the world.
According to UNICEF’s Director of Social Policy and Social Protection, Natalia Winder-Rossi, it is necessary to strengthen, expand and invest in social protection systems that take into account the needs of children, in order to protect them from poverty and increase the resilience of the most vulnerable households, reports the Prensa Latina note.

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