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Franco Battiato he was, but continues to be, one of the most loved artists of all time. The singer-songwriter is considered among the most influential of the last fifty years thanks to his eclecticism, navigating through the styles to create his own. An all-round talent, so much so that he is also a director and painter, who has entered the hearts of Italians for his intelligence, for his being a visionary and, above all, for continuously representing a new wave.

Many albums and many successful songs, as well as many awards obtained: Franco Battiato is a legend of our country and on May 18, 2021, date of his death, is considered one of the saddest in recent years. A farewell to which we were not ready, despite the farewell to the scenes which took place several months earlier, precisely in October 2019. The causes of his retirement have never been known and are several theories have been circulating in this regard. The family preferred to maintain the utmost confidentiality even on the occasion of his death, which took place in his home in Praino di Milo at the age of 76. Funerals were celebrated on May 19 in a strictly private form, his ashes were interred in the cemetery of Riposto near the family chapel.


Loved by many Italians and beyond, Franco Battiato unlike other stars, he never loved worldly life. He has always been linked to parents and relatives, in particular to his mother Grazia, who passed away in 1994, and has never moved from his Sicilian hermitage of Milo. Very reserved also with regard to faith, we only know that he was very believer, even if he did not identify with a particular religion. Returning to the family, Franco Battiato he never married and never had children, to tell the truth, he has never even formalized any sentimental bond. In an interview he stated: “Prayer is a fabulous means that can heal us and can help the dead pass to a better life. The catechism is not taught how to pray, you understand it thanks to experiences and only by listening to the inner voice. We cannot neglect our inner voice and our experiences. We exist to follow our destiny and evolve, certainly not to have children and produce similar copies “. Love, the real one, has always been music. Among the curiosities that few know, Franco Battiato he was a staunch vegetarian.


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