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In Jackson Muleka, Beşiktaş have signed a fast, prolific and creative new signing. At the “Black Eagles” the international of the Democratic Republic of the Congo should help to revive the often unimaginative attack in the past season. As part of his official launch on BJK’s social media accounts, Muleka gave fans a glimpse of his thoughts on the Bosphorus transfer. The LIGABlatt summarizes the words of praise from the 22-year-old.

Jackson Muleka on…

…his signature at Beşiktaş:

“I’m very happy and excited to have signed for a club as big as Beşiktaş. I thank God for this special day in my life. I hope to show everyone what I can do on the pitch. The atmosphere at Beşiktaş home games I’ve experienced it myself and I can only say that it was extremely impressive. The atmosphere, the size and the community of the club are very special. I already knew so much about Beşiktaş that I didn’t have to ask anyone anymore.”

…the fans of the “Black Eagles”:

“After it became more and more public that Beşiktaş is interested in me, I received a lot of positive messages from the fans – especially on Instagram. I was very happy about that. Now it’s my turn and I want to make sure “The fans are happy. I’ll do my best and I’m already looking forward to the day when I’ll play in front of our fans for the first time. Every player wants to experience such an intense atmosphere. So far I’ve only known the atmosphere in our stadium as an opponent , but from now on I will feel the support of the fans behind me.”

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