IKEA: Here’s how to turn a famous brand shelf into a Montessori chest of drawers!

IKEA remains an essential reference for home furnishings. There are ultra-varied references for all budgets. What makes the great strength of the Swedish brand is obviously its sleek design that fits into most interiors. But what the store’s customers also greatly appreciate is the modularity of the furniture. Indeed, it is possible to develop or adapt different pieces of furniture according to your needs. IKEA offers complete ranges to customize yourself. By combining different elements, it is possible to optimize use, or even transform it altogether. To go further, another trend has been around for some time. “IKEA hacks” are shared online. Customers divert some well-known furniture from the Swedish brand to do something else. For example, it is possible, from a KALLAX shelf, to create a Montessori chest of drawers.

IKEA hacks exploit the modularity of furniture

IKEA has certainly not provided for all uses when marketing its furniture. However, it has become a real fad. It’s also a great way to give certain objects a second life. In addition, it often allows you to equip yourself in an original way for a reasonable budget. The KALLAX shelf in question costs only 69.95 euros. IKEA recommends vertical or horizontal use depending on your needs. To take it a step further, an Instagram user has evolved this IKEA shelf into a children’s chest of drawers. By following a Montessori approach, the idea is to allow a natural development of skills. Learning happens at the child’s pace. This chest of drawers therefore aims to promote choice and independence. By putting the child in a concrete practical situation, he will be able to develop solutions on his own.

IKEA offers the KALLAX shelf in different colours. It’s up to you to choose the color that best suits the room. By using the shelf horizontally, all the elements are within easy reach for the child. The main idea is to remove the central dividers to create a wardrobe space. On the sides, you can install smaller drawers. It is possibly possible to use for this elements already provided by IKEA, but their size could be an obstacle for the child. The objective is for the latter to be able to use the chest of drawers completely independently. This comforts him in his choices and helps build a greater sense of self-confidence. It is also recommended to add a bottom board to further personalize your chest of drawers. This IKEA hack shows how beneficial a little creativity can be. Don’t be afraid to experiment and share your findings!



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