Ikea has the solution for the little ones to bring friends to sleep at home regardless of the space

When determining the places that will make up each and every one of the rooms in our home, the distribution of space It is one of the most important concepts to keep in mind. Among other things, because it is the determining factor that will mark the number of elements that can be part of one room or another.

However, thanks to Ikea, we have some tools designed precisely to juggle when there is space problems. For example, the product that we are going to talk about today is the perfect alternative for the room of the little ones in the house, since they serve as the perfect solution for when a friend stays to sleep and there is not enough space in the room.

Ikea offers double the space without giving up anything

It is true that, in most rooms, especially when they are for children, they do not have enough space to put two beds. However, at Ikea they have found the ideal solution, and have named it FAMILYwhich, in short, is about a lower bed 90×200 with storage included.

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Is trundle bed It is a perfect option for any children’s room, since it gives them the possibility of receiving a nightly visit from any friend or family member without taking up space, since when we are not using it, we can place it directly under the main bed. As long as, yes, the mattress thickness of this trundle bed does not exceed 10 centimeters.

Regarding the materials that make up this bed, both the protective rail and the drawer front are made from a fiber board very resistant. The same happens with the two drawers lower, which, moreover, are composed of a sheet of paper and plastic.

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A composition that forms a perfect option to complement the room of the little ones in the house, being a perfect solution to receive visitors without taking up space, hand in hand with this product with which once again the Swedish chain offers us the ideal solution. And it does it through this trundle bed, with which you can make on Ikea’s own website for only 160 euros.



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