Egyptian singer Ehab Tawfik issued an official clarification to reveal the circumstances of his withdrawal from the “Najm Al Arab” festival, which was held recently in Cairo, and was to be honored there, and denied what was reported that he was subjected to a personal insult from the party’s organizer, or his objection to the distinction of stars Nawal Al Zoghbi and Assi El Helani. He revealed that poor organization and ignoring the artistic status of a large number of attendees of the concert was the main reason behind his withdrawal.

Ehab Tawfik – Photo from his official Facebook page

And he added, in the statement published on his official account on the Facebook website: A note about the false news that was circulated regarding the honoring ceremony (the Arab Star Festival). At first, a woman from the organizers came to the stage at the beginning of the ceremony, which was two hours late, and she took the role of Al-Nabashi as We watch it at popular weddings, and she started welcoming some of her artist friends and ignored a large number of great Egyptian artists, including Professor Salah Abdullah, Professor Sayed Ragab, director Gamal Abdel Hamid, artist Khaled Sarhan, artist Sabreen, artist Youssef El Sharif, artist Ahmed Al Awadi, artist Hana Al Zahid and others, including me, which angered me. Everyone in attendance was angry.

He continued, “Based on these behaviors, I began to hear the objections, grumblings and resentment of many artists, for ignoring all these artists and others, and also switching places and arranging the honoring, which were supposed to be as follows: Professor Salah Abdullah, Professor Sayed Ragab, Director Jamal Abdel Hamid, and I am Ehab. reconcile.

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He added: This is what did not happen, and this character began to change the agreed arrangement according to her whims, so I left the party in order to preserve my dignity and my artistic status and the severe delay in my association with a party on the same night.

Ehab concluded his official clarification, saying: I would like to note that there is no problem between me and my fellow artists, the artist Assi El-Hellani and the artist Nawal Al-Zoghbi, and I have all the respect and appreciation for them, and the topic does not concern them personally, as this lady indicated in some false and false news, but my withdrawal was due to bad Organization that has nothing to do with professionalism.

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