Igor Znamensky: “Boston forgot about the principles of ball movement and missed a great opportunity to become a champion” – Basketball

Basketball commentator, host of “Took the Ball” Igor Znamensky commented on the performance of the Celtics in the final series against Golden State (2-3).

Boston missed a great opportunity to become a champion. This is definitely embarrassing. But it is much more offensive to realize that the central core of Boston was stronger at the same time, if you measure the talents of 5-6 main players of the two teams in basketball kilograms.

It does not take a genius to see a significant difference in the work of these teams on the site. Golden State has better ball movement, better and more comfortable shots for all players, and a deeper rotation of those that coach Steve Kerr can trust at almost any point in the game.

The Celtics responded by being younger, physically stronger and more versatile. They don’t need to release a defensive five first and then an attacking five to keep the balance. Their defensive five is the attacking one.

With all of that, and the crazy TD Garden stands cheering their team into the Finals for the first time in 12 years, the Celtics, at 2-1 in the series, manage to forget their working principles of player and ball movement.

And again, as in previous years, they fall into their favorite difficult shots through the best defenders of the “GSV” Draymond and Wiggins, which gives the opponent a small chance for a comeback. And the score in the series is already 2-3 not in favor of the Celtics,” wrote Znamensky.

For the first time, Curry has not a single three-pointer, but Golden State is one step away from the title! 5th game – match of records, anti-records and interrupted streaks

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