“Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff believed Didier Raoult, they died of it”, deplores Raphäel Enthoven

Raphäel Enthoven was very touched by the disappearance of Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff, with whom he was close. Invited by C to you this Wednesday, January 12, the philosopher returned to the “anti-vaccine” tendencies of the two brothers. Indeed, the Bogdanoffs brothers had announced that they were waiting for a next vaccine, following the advice of Didier Raoult. “We very sincerely believe that Didier Raoult, whose scientific career is indisputable and superior to most of those who criticize him, has answers”, assured Igor Bogdanoff. “He is out of step with scientific doxa… But we will prove him right in a while”.

The French writer regretted this Wednesday the confidence granted by the two brothers to the professor from Marseille. “It breaks my heart. They believed Didier Raoult, they died. Well, that’s what happened.” did he declare. According to him, the two brothers were able to use the theories of Didier Raoult to legitimize their phobia of vaccines. “Afterwards, Igor Bogdanoff’s argument which was to say ‘We are waiting for other vaccines’, I do not believe it. They were hermetic to the very idea of ​​a vaccine, to the very idea of ​​injecting chemistry. It is to give scientific contours to what for them, for once, was objectively a phobia. notes Raphael Enthoven.


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