Igone de Jongh did not sleep a wink after divorce: ‘I haven’t slept for months’

For a long time Igone thought: lie down, don’t move, then you will fall asleep automatically. But that doesn’t work for her. “So I get out of bed, make a sandwich, make tea and read a book until I’m so tired I want to go back to sleep,” said the dancer.

The fact that she recently moved to the countryside with her great love Thijs also gives her a lot of peace. Walking with the dogs, cooking and eating with friends is also good for Igone. “A year and a half ago I got a burnout. I had said goodbye to Dutch National Ballet, would go to the theater and do a big gala. That was canceled by corona and suddenly my whole life was different. Too much changed in a times,” says the 42-year-old.

“I’m over it now and I don’t feel the same as then. I rather set my limits, I love being alone and life seems simpler. Actually quite nice.”

Igone and Thijs got to know each other in 2016 via Instagram, after the dancer took the plunge and sent him a message. Both Thijs and Igone have children from previous relationships. For example, the 42-year-old mother of Hugo and Thijs has daughter Sammie together with his ex Katja Schuurman

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