Ignacio López Tarso receives a tribute from his body present at the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico

Ignacio López Tarso receives a tribute from his body present at the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico

By: Fabiola Hinojosa

The Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City opened its doors this Sunday, March 12, to receive the mortal remains of the first actor, Ignacio López Tarsoand thousands of admirers from different generations gathered to say their last goodbyes.

As soon as the coffin reached the esplanade of Mexico’s greatest cultural venue, there was a shower of applause, shouting and even crying: “Goodbye, Macario!”, “I already brought your turkey!” some of the present.

Around seven at night, the body of the first actor received an ovation that lasted about 10 minutes, until the funeral procession entered the place, reported the website of the newspaper “La Jornada”.

For this tribute, a giant photograph of Ignacio López Tarso was placed, crowns with white flowers and to one side four smaller images of the actor.

The event ended around eight o’clock at night, when the mariachi present performed “El Son De La Negra”, amid a shower of applause and shouts of “¡Viva Macario!”.

Celebrities fire Ignacio López Tarso

Different personalities from the artistic, cultural and institutional fields and relatives gathered for the tribute, while the public said goodbye to Ignacio López Tarsolooking at his coffin and laying flowers.

Ignacio Lopez Arandason of the first actor, as well as the actors Sergio Corona, Cesar Costa, Leticia Perdigon, Louise Huertasamong other celebrities, came to say their last goodbye to the protagonist of “Macario”.

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