If you use a Starlink antenna on your car’s hood you can be fined

The idea of ​​using satellite internet everywhere can be very interesting. In fact, so interesting that a driver in the United States decided to install the Starlink internet service antenna on the hood of his car. In addition to having internet, there was also a fine. In fact, the traffic brigade doesn’t seem to think it’s a great idea to have a plate that size obstructing the driver’s view.

We live in complicated times, but we are witnessing a paradigm shift in communications. 5G will change the way we communicate, but satellite internet could completely transfigure the use of this increasingly global giant network.

Toyota Prius with Starlink Satellite Internet

History has its interest in “innovation” when it comes to using this internet service that promises to change the planet. According to a post on the California traffic brigade's Facebook page, an agent stopped a Toyota Prius last Friday.

The reason for this action was due to the fact that this car bring a Starlink antenna in front, clinging to the hood.

Toyota Prius image with SpaceX internet antenna

The dish, which is a considerable size, according to the law, was an obstruction to driving and, therefore, it was enough for the driver to be fined.

Mr driver, I stopped you today because of that visual obstruction on your hood. Doesn't it block your vision while driving?

Said the agent, as we can see in the publication of CHP Antelope Valley. If the “standard” was already strange and completely ridiculous, then the answer is “priceless“.

Only when I make right turns…

The Toyota Prius driver replied.

According to CNBC, the driver argued that people in the car were using the antenna to get the Wi-Fi needed to make a deal while driving.

But is it illegal to mount a Starlink antenna on a car?

According to what can be read in the publication, it states that “yes, it is in fact illegal to mount a satellite dish on the hood of your vehicle”. In fact, the police force even gives some other examples. According to them, the law prohibits other obstacles to vision, such as objects hanging from a rearview mirror, or poorly positioned GPS mounts.

Of course, a dish of that size would already be pushing your luck, not only in breach of the law, but above all in the safety of passengers and everyone in general.

Starlink grows to go global within a few months

As we saw a few days ago, Elon Musk wants to anticipate the globalization of SpaceX's internet service. According to the data revealed, currently the service, still in beta status, already has 70,000 users in 12 countries.

Image Pricing for SpaceX Starlink Satellite Internet Service

The price is not cheap, but it is the company's CEO who says that this will be, in a short time, an affordable service. According to our pre-booking, only in hardware the value is 499 euros and the service itself has a monthly value of 99 euros. There is also an additional cost of 61 euros for sending material.

According to Musk, Starlink can be thought of as “filling the gap between 5G and fiber”. More than that, it revealed that they will have 500,000 users in 12 months and that they are growing very fast.

There is no license for the internet service to be installed in a vehicle.

SpaceX does not yet have FCC (regulatory body) approval to mount Starlink consumer terminals on moving vehicles. However, the company has been testing these capabilities for months – mainly for commercial use cases such as transport ships, large trucks and passenger planes.

Musk said Starlink antennas, as currently designed, would be too powerful for individual cars.

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