If you thought Far Cry 6’s disc-firing weapon was crazy, wait till you see it in real life

Hacksmith Industries has crafted the in-game weapon as part of the Ubisoft promo, it’s just missing the music!

Some days ago, Ubisoft finally showed us Far Cry 6 on the move. The new video game in the Far Cry saga surprised with a intense gameplay and the promise that the island of Yara will be the largest and most varied setting in the entire franchise. Beyond the obvious, fans were very surprised that there is a weapon in the game that shoot music records and plays songs like “La Macarena”.

Sometimes we think that video game creations are absurd and could not be replicated in real life, and this may be one of those cases. If that thought crossed your mind, badly done, because yes you can. The YouTube channel Hacksmith Industries, known for extreme construction, has made the weapon that shoots discs from Far Cry 6 in real life.

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Everything is part of the video game promotion, but the construction is totally true. In the video we can see the process through which the creation of the weapon goes through and how the different parts are selected. The result is absolutely surprising and sensational, and it also looks very similar to the one in the game. The only difference is that this replica does not play music, but that would already be amazing.

Far Cry 6 already has a release date and will arrive on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PC and Stadia on October 7. The game seems to allow us more freedom than ever to fight against the dictator Antón Castillo. By the way, Ubisoft finally acknowledged that the game is political. If you want to know more about it, at 3DJuegos we were able to see it in depth and we liked it.

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Ubisoft at E3 2021

Far Cry 6 Image

We are already a few days before the start of E3 2021, an event that excites us especially, after not being able to celebrate last year. Ubisoft will be with its own conference, as usual, and next June 12 we will have surprises that we do not want to miss, according to the developer herself. Remember that 3DJuegos is an exclusive partner of E3 2021, so don’t miss the fair with us.

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