“If you put 7 or 8 glasses in front of Nainggolan, he will empty them all!  »

“If you put 7 or 8 glasses in front of Nainggolan, he will empty them all! »


No mess.

Walter Sabatini, sports director of AS Roma between 2011 and 2016, loses his words. Invited to return at length to his long stay with the Giallorossi for the Gazzetta dello Sportthe 67-year-old Italian took the time to dwell on all the faces that made Roma during this period, starting with Radja Nainggolan. “Honestly, I love him like a son, but he’s a delinquent! If you put 7 or 8 glasses in front of him, he will empty them all. One by one. For him, life is a game. But deep down, he’s a good person. »

“He’s an eccentric, crazy, and his teammates should have understood him and helped him more. Some were jealous, envious, because Radja always had everything he wanted, continues Walter Sabatini, but on the pitch, he is a top player. What I saw him do at Roma, I haven’t seen it with other players.»The Belgian midfielder wore the AS Roma tunic 203 times in all competitions before heading to Inter Milan.

Morality: never make a pyramid with this guy.

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