If you own a Huawei or Honor phone, you should know about this promotion

Although Huawei no longer plays a major role in the smartphone market after the US ban, there are still promotions that you need to know about every now and then. This time it’s about everyone who still owns and uses a Huawei or Honor cell phone. You can now take the chance to have your battery replaced cheaply.

Huawei exchanges cell phone batteries for 25 euros

If you own an older Huawei or Honor cell phone, then this promotion from the Chinese manufacturer might be something for you. For a certain period of time you can have your old battery replaced cheaply. It currently costs Replacing the battery of Huawei and Honor cell phones only 24.90 euros (look at Huawei). Normally you have to pay twice as much. The conversion is done directly by the manufacturer, which is much safer than in smaller cell phone shops. You also get a six-month warranty on the battery.

The campaign is particularly interesting for smartphone users who own an older Huawei cell phone. If the battery life is now rather bad, you can breathe new life into the cell phone with a fresh battery and help it regain its old strength. 25 euros is significantly less than the price for a new smartphone if only the battery is weak. Especially now that everything is getting more expensive, this is a sensible measure that simply allows you to use your cell phone longer.

How to breathe new life into old cell phones:

You have to keep that in mind with the Huawei campaign

Die Promotion runs until January 15, 2023. So you still have enough time to register for a discounted battery swap. This works both in the Huawei service center and by post. Then you should back up your data beforehand. The shipping costs are also borne by Huawei, so you really only pay 24.90 euros.

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Why actually Honor cell phones? Huawei and Honor have been separated for a while. But the battery replacement campaign also includes very old smartphones and Honor still belonged to Huawei. You can check the campaign page to see if your cell phone is included (look at Huawei). You should not replace the battery on a relatively new cell phone. That would only produce electronic waste unnecessarily. However, it makes sense for older smartphones that you can use for longer.



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