if you have this mask at home, you should not use it

A box of non-sterile disposable medical masks intended for the general public for sale at Franprix is ​​being recalled.

For a year, protective masks have entered all homes to protect themselves from the Covid-19 epidemic. However, the use of certain masks should be avoided. On Monday, June 7, a product recall was formulated by the government concerning a box of non-sterile disposable medical masks intended for the general public. These products are sold in sachets of ten masks or in boxes of fifty masks.

Specifically, these are the references: Non-sterile Disposable Medical Mask GME 3PT2- and 50 Non-sterile Disposable Medical Mask GME 3PT2-10. The concerned lot is number 2005121. The lot number is indicated on the bottom of the box. All these products are sold within Franprix brands throughout France with a marketing date between June 1, 2020 and May 31, 2021.

Masks to bring back

This product is subject to a recall because the masks sold do not meet the performance required by the European standard. The government encourages those who have this mask in their homes to bring it back to its point of sale and not to use it. Customers will be refunded immediately. For any questions, you can contact 09 70 17 10 00. The end date of this recall procedure has been set for Saturday, October 30.

Since Monday, June 7, another type of mask has been banned: FFP2 masks labeled “Biomass Graphene” sent to hospitals. These products contained graphene, a substance considered to be toxic. All these masks had been recalled by Public Health France.

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