If you have diabetes, you should use this type of paste

Pasta is an excellent carbohydrate recommended in diets together with rice, spelled, potatoes and bread. But if you have diabetes you should use a specific paste for your condition. Do you want to find out which one and why? You are satisfied!

Diabetes is fought on the table, so you have to fill your pantry with specific foods that are good for your health, when you have this disease.

If you suffer from diabetes, here’s your pasta!

Pasta for diabetics is a special dietetic food, created to compensate for a high glycemic load.

Pasta for diabetics differs from traditional pasta for:

  • glycemic load – 58g VS 82.8g of traditional pasta
  • Glycemic Index – 23 GI VS> 50 ig of traditional pasta
  • energy intake – 283 kcal VS 356 kcal of traditional pasta

The pasta to choose is gluten-free if you suffer from diabetes; it limits glycemic loads and is rich in fiber. It also keeps cholesterol at bay and helps intestinal transit.

How do you cook?

Choosing the best way to cook this delicious food is crucial to getting it all fiber and energy. In fact, when you have diabetes, it is good to follow a diet that is as balanced as possible. It is therefore necessary to follow the right recipes and eat what you can in the minimum defined by the doctor. Pasta usually cooks boiled and tastes great, is quick and doesn’t absorb much water.

In general, for all products it is better to choose them gluten free or wholemeal, to avoid a too high glycemic load. But beware of wholemeal pasta. Only some are excellent and truly 100% wholemeal, others are made with mixed flours.

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In fact you have to pay attention to the labels to read how they are really made. It must contain wheat or bran and not refined flours that do not provide fiber and are only bad. Same thing for crackers, bread sticks and rusks … pay attention to the labels!



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