If you have COVID, there is no way to avoid a severe condition

There are those who react to the coronavirus as if it were a cold and those who develop bilateral pneumonia. The evolution depends on each person and there are no recipes or magic formulas to avoid hospitalization. Therefore, the only advice that doctors can give today to prevent a serious picture of Covid is not to get it.

In dialogue with LMN, the general director of Leben Salud, Alejandra Oliva, was clear about this: “Once you have coronavirus, There is not much to do to avoid a severe case, so it is best to take care of yourself and not get infected ”.

“The coronavirus produces a simple upper airway picture or pneumonia, which can be mild, moderate or severe “, he specified and remarked that this evolution depends on how each individual responds to the disease. Although few require hospitalization, it is not possible to guess in advance who it will be.

He added that there are many mild patients who experience the disease at home, but some have moderate and severe symptoms. which are those who are admitted to the general ward or intensive care.

He pointed out that, once the test is positive, the patient must be attentive to the symptoms, but cannot prevent his disease from evolving into a severe picture. “You have to control the saturation, if you are short of breath or there is a fever that does not change with antipyretics, which are signs to consult and have a CT scan”, He detailed. Afterwards, it all depends on whether he manages to win the battle.

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The professional stressed that, at this time of the pandemic, the best advice is to avoid exposure to the virus. He commented that, as in the first wave, a large part of those interned with Covid became infected “in family, group or social gatherings; because we do not have people who report that they were infected in their work, most were on birthdays or barbecue”.

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