If you have blood sugar, do not eat these foods in the summer: be careful

Hyperglycemia is a physiological condition and affects many people. However, you have to understand what you can eat and what not in summer, above all.

Glucose is taken through food but can also be synthesized by the body; in healthy subjects, during the day the glycemia it assumes values ​​between 60 and 130 mg / dl, while in fasting it varies between 70 and 110 mg / dl. If it reaches 110 and 125 mg / dl fasting it is called hyperglycemia.

Don’t eat these foods in the summer for blood sugar

It is important to keep a condition under control hyperglycemia as this could then lead to a diabetes condition. It is therefore a problem that should not be underestimated and for which nutrition plays a fundamental role.

The causes of high blood sugar are many:

  • inheritance
  • a bad diet
  • a sedentary lifestyle
  • lo stress
  • a messy lifestyle
  • obesity

If you have a high blood sugar it is important to know what to eat and what to avoid. there are obviously sugar, sweets, sugary drinks and baked goods prepared with refined flours. The latter rapidly increase the glucose levels in the blood thus promoting hyperglycemia. There cooking pasta e some vegetables it will have to be short, so as not to raise the glycemic index of the food too much. Better to avoid the fatty meats which promote overweight. Also to be limited are non-whole grains, potatoes and sugary fruits (such as grapes, figs, dates, ripe bananas or chestnuts). More sugary drinks, alcohol and candies.

What to eat in case of high blood sugar

In case of high blood sugar, it is better to eat certain foods such as:

  • oil seeds and dried fruit they are excellent allies due to the content of good fats, which are also useful for keeping the glycemic index of the meal low.
  • fruit is also good for you, trying to prefer that with higher fiber content and lower sugar content. Like citrus fruits, for their content of fibers, organic acids and antioxidants, they are the fruits to be preferred, together with strawberries, apples or berries.
  • It is advisable to make snacks and snacks, in order to avoid excessive glycemic peaks.
  • Consume more fish and white meats
  • legumes are also excellent allies
  • eggs and low-fat or low-lactose cheeses
  • vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli and all those with large leaves.
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As a snack or snack they will be preferred fruits with a low glycemic indexsuch as berries, strawberries or citrus fruits, sugar-free yogurt or dried fruit.

To be consumed in moderation

There are some foods that you shouldn’t deprive yourself of, but you can consume them in moderation, here are what they are:

  • potatoes: you don’t have to avoid them, but don’t always eat them and if you have to, don’t associate them with another carbohydrate
  • mozzarella, fior di latte and ricotta … better not to overdo it!
  • fruit: pineapple, bananas and grapes, figs are among the sweetest fruits, even here do not overdo it.



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