If you have a Samsung mobile, you're in luck: you can now use Bing AI directly from the keyboard

If you have a Samsung mobile, you're in luck: you can now use Bing AI directly from the keyboard

Microsoft is going to include Bing AI in its pre-installed keyboard apps on Samsung phones. In the end it seems that there will be a new search engine for these phones, although not as we expected.

If you have a Samsung mobile, you're in luck: you can now use Bing AI directly from the keyboard
Bing integrado con SwiftKey.

If you read us regularly, you may remember when we talked about the panic in Google because Samsung planned to use Bing as a search engine instead of the Big G. The truth is that the integration of ChatGPT in the Microsoft search engine has been causing problems for Google for a long time, and not long ago Bing AI (name given to the project) already you can use in SwiftKey, for a while owned by Microsoft.

We are going to talk about that last thing, and that is that SwiftKey comes pre-installed in many Samsung terminals as a default keyboard. So, as reported by Swiftkey herself, Bing will come to the phones of the Korean brand. Not as expected, but she’s already there.

Bing on Samsung phones will soon be a reality

According to Microsoft, the integration of AI with the keyboard in the version of the app it will be effective soon and, therefore, it will also be effective on Samsung phones that come with this keyboard pre-installed. This means that users of Samsung’s native keyboard will finally be able to try Bing AI (the Play Store version has been around for a few weeks now with the feature available.)

On the other hand, this also means that Microsoft is shoehorning bing chat and other AI-related features on all Samsung Galaxy family phones. Given what we discussed at the start of Samsung’s switch from Google to Bing, perhaps this is a sign of things to come.

We are rolling out the new Bing AI features to the Samsung users. Look for the new update (Android v9.10.11.10) in the next days. pic.twitter.com/NxUMf8Feyd

— Microsoft SwiftKey (@SwiftKey) April 29, 2023

We remember that Google pockets 3,000 million dollars for what Samsung pays it to use its browser on its phones, thus the Mountain View company would take a significant hit to its profits should the change finally come about.

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Microsoft’s decision It could not come at a more delicate moment for all the controversy surrounding AIs. Right now that all AI experiments have been asked to pause and with a number of countries considering banning it (Spain among them), it seems like a risky time to shove AI features down users’ throats, whether they want to, or not. but.

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