If you get fat with the cold, these autumn meals are for you

May 09, 2022 – 9:05 PM

With the changes of the seasons, the climate also changes and with it the diet. The problem, for those who tend to gain weight and want to wear a healthy nutritionis that in the autumn the low-calorie star foods of summer disappear, such as watermelon and light salads, and the rich and highly energetic things of the cold appear, such as hot chocolate and locro pulsudo.

However, it is not impossible to maintain the diet and deal with the urge to raid the bakeries. That is why here we bring you a list of typical autumn products that go well with a healthy nutrition.

Dry fruits

Diet. A plate with nuts, a typical autumn meal and ideal for snacking between meals.

blue fish

The mineral content of fish such as salmon, sardines and anchovies is very high, sometimes 25 times higher than any other type of food. In addition, they are rich in Omega 3, help maintain strong bones and have many antioxidants, which prevent problems related to the nervous system.


Take advantage of the fact that this is the season for this exquisite product! They have a high protein content of high biological value, rich in iron, phosphorus, potassium and minerals. We recommend that you buy them in a specialized store and do not go looking for them in the fields, because not all of them are edible.


Fungus.  A basket with mushrooms.

Fungus. A basket with mushrooms.


It was Popeye’s favorite food and now we know why: spinach they have a high satiating power and a very low caloric intake. They relieve constipation, provide iron and facilitate the transit of food.

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This vegetable can be a mainstay of a healthy diet. TIt has a high water content and a low calorie intake and carbohydrates. And it is also a very versatile food that can be steamed, grilled, in stews, as a puree…


Seasonal foods.  A cart with pumpkins of all types and sizes.

Seasonal foods. A cart with pumpkins of all types and sizes.

Brussels sprouts

These vegetables are very rich in nutrients and have numerous health benefits. They are full of vitamins, fiber and minerals and are very recommended in diets to lower cholesterol, treat diabetes and control blood pressure.


As they are the most diuretic in the Mediterranean diet, they are recommended for fluid retention problems or kidney disease. And you can present them in many ways: grilled, scrambled or as a side dish.


Salad is always an essential dish in a healthy diet, but it is also full of nutrients. Growing better than ever in the fall, lettuce is rich in antioxidants and it is a great ally when you want to lose weight, since it hardly has any calories. It serves, in short, as a base to make one of the healthiest dishes.


Green leaves.  A bowl with lettuce, an ideal meal for a healthy diet.

Green leaves. A bowl with lettuce, an ideal meal for a healthy diet.

Dry fruits

Both hazelnuts and almonds, walnuts and chestnuts have a high caloric intake, but their large amount of iron, phosphorus, vitamins and nutrients make them the ideal snack to take between hours or to accompany recipes.

Raisins and dates

They are perfect for purifying the body and contain a large amount of antioxidants good for skin and hair.

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Its variety is immense: lentils, chickpeas, broad beans… And they are one of the fundamental ingredients of autumn dishes. They are considered one of the essential products of the Mediterranean diet and if they are made in salads or stews without dressings they are very healthy and become very complete and healthy foods.

So don’t hesitate and bet on including all these foods in your diet!

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