if you catch the Covid after the first dose, here’s what happens

One dose of vaccine offers protection, but it is still possible to be infected with Covid-19 (Photo: Biserka Stojanovic via Getty Images / iStockphoto)

SCIENCE – While nearly 50% of the French population has received a dose of vaccine, only 28% of French people are fully vaccinated. And if the Covid-19 epidemic is at its lowest, the coronavirus is still circulating and thousands of daily cases are still to be deplored.

So it makes sense to see more and more people infected with the virus when they have already received their first dose, but not yet the second. Because all the data show it, if the vaccine makes it possible to reduce the risks two weeks after the first dose, it is really very effective (80% and more) only after the second dose. The Delta variant further complicates the matter. According to British data, the protection afforded by the first dose increases from 49% to 31%.

The good news is that if you are vaccinated for the first time and contract Covid-19, your chances of developing a severe form are greatly reduced. Indeed, the effectiveness of vaccines (Pfizer and AstraZeneca) to prevent hospitalization with a dose is 75% against Delta and 78% against Alpha. With a complete vaccination schedule, we go to more than 90%.

The infection serves as a second dose, with one condition

Apart from the risk, this scenario poses a practical question at a time when the health pass is being imposed: once healed, should you take your second dose of vaccine? For a person who has been infected with Covid-19 in the past, a single dose is enough to create a level of immunity similar to or even greater than a conventional vaccination schedule. But what happens the other way around?

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