If you are one of those who always pays the gym fee but never goes, this is what you should do

If you are one of those who always pays the gym fee but never goes, this is what you should do

Woman resting after training.

Woman resting after training. / @nikewomen

It’s here September and one of your goals for the new year is to eliminate those extra kilos and tone your entire body based on exercise and a balanced diet. You could work from home with different training routines, but you feel that if you pay the gymit will spread more to you.

But you sign up you pay the annual fee because you trust your willpower and capacity for sacrifice and then they only see your hair again when you go to the embarrassed cancel your subscription. ring a bell? It has happened to most of us at some point.

And it is that there are many of us who start the new course (or the new year) with very good purposes but then we are not able to carry them out. Especially in a matter of sport or in starting a healthy diet, leaving aside sugars and saturated fats, for example.

That is why we have spoken with the professionals of the gym chain David Lloyd to discover the keys to not leave the gym at the first opportunity and, finally, comply with the goals that we had proposed with great good will and with very little realism.

Woman preparing to do sports in the gym.

Woman preparing to do sports in the gym. / Image by Drazen Zigic on Freepik.

Expert recommendations for not leaving the gym

1. Choose an activity that motivates you

You can choose from a wide range of possibilities since now the gyms They offer a wide variety of guided classes and their personal trainers can make you a personalized routine. Only you know what you like the most: Zumba? yoga? Or do you prefer to go on your own? Be that as it may, it is key that you like the chosen activity and motivate you so that you do not feel it as an obligation and manage to be constant over time.

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2. Set a goal

Of course, the experts at David Lloyd advise you that the goal be realist. Maybe losing 20 kilos or getting Elsa Pataky’s great body is something difficult to achieve, but if you consider small short term challengesyou will get more motivated and you will get hooked on the gym.

3. Train with a friend

In this way you will make your time in the gym a moment of laughter and fun, not just suffering. Also, those small friendly spikes come in handy to increase the motivation and wanting to surpass yourself (or the one next to you if you are very competitive).

4. Motivational music

Music, especially if it has a certain rhythm, lifts your spirits and motivates you to exercise intensely. For this reason, David Lloyd recommends creating your own playlist with your favorite songs to keep you motivated throughout your workout.

Woman practicing TRX in the gym.

Woman practicing TRX in the gym. / Imagen de artursafronovvvv en Freepik.

5. Set a schedule to train

But you set a day and an hour to exercise, you will always have something better to do, something that serves as an excuse for not training. Therefore, it is best to get hold of an agenda and reserve a space for your weekly training, so that there is not something that makes you give up.

6. Look for clothes that you like

Be convenient while training also helps to see your sessions as something pleasant and positive. And if in addition to comfortable you look prettysensation that will increase with the passing of the days, your motivation it will grow and your desire to continue with your workouts too.

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7. Maintain a good, healthy and varied diet

If you accompany the practice of exercise with a good feedingyou will see how your body transforms little by little, so that, when you see your goals fulfilled, your desire to leave they will gradually disappear. At the David Lloyd centers they put at your disposal a sports nutrition department that can guide and advise you.

8. Do not deprive yourself of a good massage

go to one physiotherapist It is essential when you exercise regularly. They will help you relax, recover or treat some type of injury, so that your day to day is better and you can enjoy of the exercise one hundred percent.

9. Get enough rest

Exercises of moderate intensity need eight hours off and for those of maximum intensity, you should extend it until 12 hours. That is why you should not forget to maintain it correctly so that muscle regeneration is fulfilled.

And as we have been assured by the experts of David Lloyd“When you think about giving up, remember the reason you started.”

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