President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko appealed to the Polish authorities after they announced that they could close the border. “If it’s more convenient, close it,” the politician said. At the same time, he advised Warsaw to think carefully about how they would communicate with Russia, China and the East in general.

“They will go through Donbass,” Lukashenka suggested, adding that the guys there are sharp and will quickly rebuild the Poles.

The Belarusian leader drew attention to the fact that his country does not want a confrontation on the border. Minsk does not specifically transfer anyone across the border.

According to Lukashenka, it is necessary to reach out to every Pole. We need to show them that Belarusians are not barbarians. “We understand: if we go too far, the war cannot be avoided,” the Belarusian president said.

A large number of migrants are observed on the border of Belarus with Poland. Poles do not meet them in the best way.


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