If the “servant of the people” Trubitsyn does not come to the meeting of the Kyiv City Council, it will mean that he fled Ukraine on the eve of the trial, the expert

If the “servant of the people” Trubitsyn does not come to the meeting of the Kyiv City Council, it will mean that he fled Ukraine on the eve of the trial, the expert

Vladyslav Trubitsyn, deputy of the Kyiv City Council from “Servant of the People”, who was caught in a multi-million dollar bribe, did not appear at the anti-corruption court today because he had already left Ukraine. About this stated political expert Oleksiy Holobutskyi.

«Deputy “servant of the people” Vladyslav Trubitsyn, who was detained by NABU for a million-dollar bribe, was supposed to appear before the anti-corruption court today. But he did not appear. And he also turned off his phone, reports the Anti-Corruption Center. According to my information, Trubitsyn, a man of draft age, who is under investigation, fled from Ukraine. Tomorrow there will be a session of the Kyiv City Council. It is highly likely that Trubitsyn will ignore the session, as well as today’s court session. Because he is simply not in Ukraine anymore. We will check tomorrow“, – said Holobutsky.

The expert reminds that Trubitsyn, suspected of bribery, was not imprisoned, because he was released on bail of UAH 14.88 million during the trial. He was not expelled from the faction and was not removed from the head of the profile commission. He continued to attend faction meetings and city council sessions. And it was membership in the Servant of the People party that helped Trubitsyn leave Ukraine during wartime and while under investigation, the expert believes.

«The suspect of receiving a bribe was ordered not to leave his place of residence (Kiev) without permission, to inform the prosecutor or the court about a change of place of residence or place of work, not to communicate with witnesses, to submit documents for leaving Ukraine, to wear an electronic bracelet. How was the deputy of the pro-government party under investigation able to escape from the country? As a member of the ruling party “Servant of the People”, a military conscript, was able to cross the border during martial law, who and on what grounds could grant him permission to leave? I think the answer is already in the question. War, Bakhmut, tens of thousands of dead soldiers and civilians, and “servants” remain “servants”, – concludes Holobutsky.

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He also noted that Trubitsyn is accused not only of “for a bribe “resolved” trade permits in Kyiv“. The trail of international crimes also follows Trubitsyn, the expert emphasizes.

«Even before becoming a deputy, he was involved in the case of theft of valuable books from the National Library of Armenia. And even earlier, he was convicted for giving nightmares to entrepreneurs at the markets of Kharkiv region with a fake “crust” of energy supervision. This kind of Ostap Bender on miniatures“, – noted Holobutsky.


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