If the class is at home, does the teacher have to take lessons from school? The LIVE SPECIAL – School News

The indication contained in the ministerial note of October 26, following the Prime Minister’s last Dpcm, is discussed Giuseppe Conte, which seems to provide for the teacher, in the case of a classroom placed in quarantine, the integrated digital teaching activity to be carried out directly by the school.

In fact, the note states: “If the entire class of the teacher has been placed in quarantine with active surveillance, like the teacher himself, the head teacher arranges that for that class the teaching activities are carried out in DDI mode, both for the teacher in turn in quarantine, both – possibly – for all teachers who are co-owners of that class, even if not placed in quarantine. In fact, the latter will be able to carry out the DDI from school, using devices and connectivity of the Institute, as in cases where the quarantine concerns only the students of the classes“.

This position of the Ministry of Education was not really well received by many teachers. A letter from the professor Valentina Romano, of the Paolo Giovio Scientific High School in Como, published in “ComoCity” and addressed to the minister Lucia Azzolina.

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“Everyone tells us – writes the teacher – that it is better to stay at home and to us professors – that in Italy we boast the distinction of being the oldest in Europe – we are told that no, from Monday we have to go out to go to work“.

“Once there – continues Giovio -, we will trot disguised from one classroom to the other of the school, changing the station every hour, we will spit on a keyboard that other colleagues spit on before us, we will teach in classrooms where the temperature is not exactly tropical, the connection is not very fast, the acoustics are not exactly like a recording studio, and we will spend the hours all together in the teachers’ room sipping mulled wine and remembering the old days … When there was no Distance Learning, but there was only Teaching in the presence, which was the only beautiful thing left ‘teaching in a completely collapsed school ”.

To understand how things are there new episode of Tecnica della Scuola Live on Wednesday 28 October it will focus precisely on this theme.

Starting from 15,30 live comparison Facebook e Youtube with Antonello Giannelli, president of the PA and Stefano d’Errico, national secretary Unicobas, who will answer the questions of the School’s Technical Director Alessandro Giuliani. Leads the reporter Fabrizio De Angelis.

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