if necessary we will make preventive use of nuclear weapons

According to Kim,


it should also continue to bolster its arsenal to have “an overwhelming military force, which no one in the world can provoke”. It is, he added, “the lifeline of our country”. Words that come after the similar ones pronounced by Kim on the occasion of the military parade on Monday, when the North Korean leader referred to the use of

nuclear weapon

in the event that the country’s “fundamental interests” are threatened.

Despite the sanctions, the Pyongyang government has continued to carry out a tight weapons program in recent years and last month it returned, after five years, to test a

intercontinental ballistic missile

. All this while South Korea prepares for the inauguration of the new president, Yoon Suk-yeol, who promises a more rigid approach towards the North and who has not ruled out, if necessary, a preventive attack against Pyongyang.



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