“If it’s not Nepryaeva and I who go skiing, but Valiev and Trusova, this show will be watched much more. I am working on changing the situation”, says Veronika Stepanova – Skiing

Olympic champion in the ski relay Veronika Stepanova spoke on the topic of prize money in sports.

“About money. Prize money. After my words in the Voice of Biathlon podcast that, literally: “Give us prize money like at the World Cup stages – we won’t go anywhere at all!” a whole discussion unfolded, and many respected people both praised and criticized me.

One phrase in live communication on the air is too little to express an attitude to such an important issue as money in sports.

I absolutely do not want, I am against the fact that the money for prize money for professional skiers comes from the budget – it does not matter, federal or local. Money from the budget should first of all go to children’s sports – until recently I myself received skis and boots not from personal sponsors, but at a children’s sports school, like thousands of other girls and boys.

We receive salaries. Large or small – it’s up to anyone, but these issues are decided by the state, there are tariff rates and additional. rewards for success, they are published, open. Whether we are sitting on the neck of taxpayers in this sense or working out by promoting a healthy lifestyle and giving joy from victorious finishes – this, again, is up to everyone to decide.

We have to earn prize money ourselves. Through personal sponsors, for example, the leading skiers of the national team have such, you all see their logos on their clothes. What is it, if not a form of prize money?

But it is even more important for all of us to learn how to make money through television, through the sale of rights. The world has not yet come up with another – all world sports competitions exist due to such sales.

We are also moving towards this – I know how much Match TV did NOT pay for the rights to the Russian Championship last year, 2021. I am sure that next season they will pay much more not only for the Czech Republic, but also for all the stages of the Cup of the country, which are not shown at all now!

Because Bolshunov, Nepryaeva, Spitsov, Terentiev, Stupak, Sorina will be there, and yes, without modesty, I hope I will be there too – I think a lot of haters will turn on their TVs at least to watch me fail at some then the start, it’s normal, I’m learning from Conor.

Television does not care why you turned on this channel – the main thing is to watch for a long time. In the meantime, we must frankly admit that if it is not Nepryaeva and Stupak and I who go skiing, but Valiev with Trusova and Shcherbakova, then the people will watch this show much more. Factor of!

That’s what I’m working on to change this situation in our favor. And the fact that it annoys conservative fans – well, it’s a pity, but there’s nothing to be done, ”Stepanova wrote.

Veronika Stepanova about the possible skipping of the international season: “I am motivated for a year. Motivation is money. Make prize money like at the stage – and we won’t go anywhere”



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