If I have contracted covid-19, should I wait to apply the booster vaccine? | The answer to one of the most frequently asked questions in recent days

While the Ómicron variant does not give up in Argentina and the number of covid-19 cases continues to increase, with record numbers, the vaccination campaign is advancing and there are already those who are applying the third booster dose. Against this background, a question arises: Can I get vaccinated if I recently had coronavirus or if I am a close contact? How long do I have to wait to receive the booster dose?

According to the latest update, the National Ministry of Health recommends postponing the application of the booster dose for 90 days in those who are confirmed as cases of covid-19 (symptomatic or asymptomatic) at the time of completing the interval of at least 4 months from the application of the initial scheme.

That is, those people who have been infected must wait 90 days after discharge from the disease to apply the booster dose of the coronavirus vaccine, even if they have already served 4 months since the second dose was given.

The reason for this decision has to do with “the scientific evidence available at the moment on the dynamics of antibody production generated by the disease caused by SARS CoV-2 and the interference that this could cause in the production of antibodies by vaccination, with the consequent reduction in the expected vaccine effect”.

On the other hand, in case of being a close contact of a confirmed case, the recommendation to postpone vaccination until the end of the isolation period is maintained, to avoid exposing health personnel during vaccination and other people.

According to the Public Vaccination Monitor, Until this Wednesday, 80,624,548 vaccines against covid-19 were applied. Of this total, 38,777,320 people were inoculated with the first dose, 33,680,151 have the complete vaccination schedule, 2,833,875 received the additional dose and 5,333,202 the booster dose.

What to do if I missed the vaccination shift

If the disease is ongoing or is considered close contact and you receive the assignment of the booster dose shift, in the Province of Buenos Aires you can attend the assigned vaccination with the shift expired. While, in the City of Buenos Aires, if the citation has expired, which is sent by mail or WhatsApp message, it will be automatically reassigned.



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