“If Costa doesn’t pick up at the airport, no one will”. Marcelo praises PM’s “original and enduring resilience” – Observer

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa described the prime minister as “a good sweeper”: “He is very quick to absorb things”, said the President of the Republic about António Costa. “You have an idea and he’s a smear. A good swab because it’s fast.”

The consideration was made in an interview with CNN Portugal, which accompanied the president on a road trip from Lisbon to Viseu, the city where he was present at Feira de São Mateus. The conversation was broadcast on the evening of this Thursday, August 11, at 22:30.

In addition to commenting on the prime minister’s work, the head of state spoke about the removal of Right-wing leaders, considering that they had made a mistake — unlike Costa, who realized that he would benefit from being closer to the president of the to be a republic. “Also the Right made a mistake that I never noticed. It’s just that the successive leaders of the Right, instead of sticking to me, have seemingly taken it away from me. And who stuck to me? The prime minister and the PS”, defended Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

Luís Montenegro, leader of the PSD, was “the first to show some signs of seeing the benefits” of staying close to the president. “He realized that one can somehow be close to someone who, without doing any party load, has made room. This is what the prime minister has always done,” he said. “The Prime Minister realized that there were different constituencies and realized that he could drive more to the center with the proximity of the President“.


Furthermore, he comments again on António Costa’s performance: he believes that the prime minister “has a very original and lasting resilience”. Originally because it has “best peaks and worst peaks” – with “highs and lows, very high highs and very low lows”. And durable because of its resistance. And this, in the eyes of the President, entails a risk: “He knows what that risk is, what is: he has finally, in the area where he moves, created an almost irreplaceable role. That means everything must go through him”, he says. “If Costa doesn’t pick up at the airport, no one does“.

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In another excerpt, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa commented on the 2017 fireworks and the resulting “anti-government environment”: “When the fireworks took place, there was a moment when people really had a shock, you felt very, very, very much in the atmosphere anti-government. Then so much happened that I even felt for a time that my position as a security fuse might have been in jeopardy if I had not been rather bold in the intervention which I made.”

Commenting on the elections in Brazil (the country to which, he confirmed, he will travel), Marcelo recalled that, although Lula da Silva is ahead in the polls, it is not certain that he will win. “Elections in Brazil are unpredictable”, He gave as an example the Portuguese case, in the legislative past, in January: the opposition was “considered a potential winner” and then “there was an absolute majority of the PS”.

It is here that Marcelo reveals that he was not surprised by the result: “It was not surprising – I did not expect it, but it was a plausible scenario,” he said. Rather, he specifies the moment when he thought it was a possible path: when it became “very visible” that some parties were losing the electorate. “The interpretation was that there was a very large concentration in the Government Party.”

The President of the Republic defends in the same interview that, as a rule, the law does not allow the use of excuses of responsibility and that in politics, when you are right, it is very important to know how to explain to the Portuguese. why you are right

It is necessary for people to look at the Law, emphasize that “there are cases in which the law allows it [invocar escusa de responsabilidade]but as a rule do not allow”.

On penalty of, in various public activities (…) without finding a way for the person to be able to invoke objective realities, such as a lack of money, a lack of organic, to structures not to fulfill their mission not fulfilled”, he adds.

The head of state said there are cases in which it can be invoked [escusa de responsabilidade]but underlines: “It is very important, in politics, to when you are right, to know how to explain to the Portuguese why you are right. Because many times one is right, but the non-explanation of reason, or the misuse of reason, makes one lose reason”.

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These statements by the President of the Republic come at a time when many doctors have denied liability because they believe that the necessary conditions to carry out their duties in accordance with the rules of good medical practice are not met.

The latest case was known on Wednesday when the Independent Union of Doctors (SIM) revealed that all 14 doctors in the general emergency service of Hospital Beatriz Ângelo, in Loures, in the Lisbon district, disclaimers offered due to the “permanent shortage of human resources”.

This is part of the global problem that we have experienced lately, which is the insufficient number of doctors assigned to the emergency room in light of the number of users who resort to it. Now, these colleagues, who are 14, have expressed their unavailability to protect patients from this situation, that is to say, they will not condone this kind of care, which is clearly insufficient for the population that uses the hospital, “says Maria João Tiago, regional secretary for Lisbon and the Tagus Valley of SIM.

At the beginning of August, approximately one hundred intern doctors of Gynecology/Obstetrics signed a letter sent to the Minister of Health which, among other things, notified the guardianship of the delivery of indemnities for cases in which they are designated to be in a emergency work. and the schedules are not in accordance with the regulation on the composition of medical teams in these services.

The requests for apology are intended to exclude individual responsibility in the disciplinary sphere for diagnostic and/or therapeutic failures conditioned by the malfunctioning of the services and affecting the observance of good medical practice.

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“Of course I think that in Portuguese society there are tremendous qualities that have to do with the empire. Enormous features related to the empire. Since there are immense qualities in colonized societies that have to do with the experience of colonization. And that is why they come to the surface…”, answered Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, faced with the question of whether there is structural racism in Portugal.

Considering that the “phenomena of bourgeois culture are slower, they are very slow”, he remembers that “people die”, “generations disappear”. Those who live remain: The new generations live in many ways in a different world, in a different wave. They are globalized. Even when they do not have the economic power to be globalized in terms of life, circulation, circulating on the net, circulating in ideas and therefore in children and youth, a total allergy to discrimination, xenophobia and racism is evident.”



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