IEESSPP trains initial training with Advanced Tactical Medicine

MORELIA, Mich., June 6, 2021. Promoting police training and professionalization within the initial training of future law enforcement officials, the State Institute for Higher Studies in Security and Police Professionalization (IEESSPP), trains students progressively in Advanced Tactical Medicine.

According to a press release, tactical medicine is the branch of emergency and disaster medicine focused on providing pre-hospital care to the injured in tactical or austere environments, when conventional or civilian emergency services cannot access for safety reasons.

With the techniques and tactics that our police function requires, the training given at the IEESSPP focuses on topics related to: Bleeding containment methods, Gun projectile wounds, Life-threatening injuries, Causes of preventable death at the scene, Application of criteria for land / air transfer, among others.

The previous topics applied as required by each of the phases of tactical medicine: 1.- Under direct threat (hot zone), 2.- Indirect threat (warm zone) and 3.- Evacuation care (cold zone).

Such applied actions mark the difference between the life and death of the injured by training our future law enforcement officials with the training model through reality-based simulation, as they acquire skills and abilities first responders to provide care to the injured and thereby guarantee survival probabilities.

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