iCloud Passwords for Windows neu mit 2FA-Generator

July 27, 2022 –
After MacOS, iOS and iPad OS, the iCloud utility for Windows now also has an integrated code generator for two-factor authentication.

Almost a year ago, Apple added the password manager iCloud Passwords to its iCloud utility for Windows (“Swiss IT Magazine” reported). Now the updated version of the utility also provides a code generator for two-factor authentication. On Apple’s own MacOS Monterey and iOS/iPadOS 15 operating systems, 2FA support has been available in the iCloud Keychain since the system versions were launched in autumn 2021.

The integration of a code generator for two-factor authentication eliminates the need for separate third-party code generator apps when accessing websites. Now Windows users can also benefit from it – albeit with certain restrictions. On Windows systems, iCloud Passwords only works seamlessly with Edge and Chrome, Firefox users and users of other web browsers are left out: they have to call up the utility every time they want to get a 2FA code. Another innovation has been added to the updated iCloud version for Windows: Users can now enter and read notes on the saved passwords – a feature that has been available from Apple since iOS 15.4. (ubi)

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