icloud – Apple denies any blocking of its VPN


The iPhone maker is in the process of clarifying the error message that appears when its Private Relay feature isn’t working as expected.

Customers will have to know how to juggle the settings so as not to have any unpleasant surprises with the function.


“No partner carrier has restricted their users from taking advantage of the Private Relay feature.” Apple has extinguished the controversy over access to its VPN. In a new iOS 15.3 beta version, however, the iPhone manufacturer has changed the message displayed in the event of blocked access which, until now, blamed exclusively the operator.

The wording adds the possibility of a deactivation resulting from the general settings of the device. The private iCloud relay can indeed also be adjusted à la carte according to the different wi-fi and cellular networks, notes the MacRumors site.

The old post helped put T-Mobile on the grill, wrongly accused of blocking VPN access. The operator, on the other hand, reaffirmed that the customers of its content filtering offer do not have access to it,



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