Three years ago, Bollen first decided to make a playful taste. “That turned into Big Mac ice cream.” Since then he tries something new every year. “We want to stand out with crazy things. Our Big Mac ice cream went all over the world, last year we had sushi ice cream and now hot dog ice cream.”

IJs van Matthijs, as his case is called, has asked permission from HEMA, but has not yet received a response. “That means that I can do it,” he laughs.

‘Well balanced’

The ice contains real pieces of hot dog, a good dollop of sauce and small pieces of bread. “People really like it. Until you say what’s in it, they don’t really want it anymore.”

However, according to him the taste is not so strange in itself. “The sauce itself is quite sweet and the ice cream is well balanced.” He doesn’t know yet what the next taste will be.