IC doctor Diederik Gommers about the end of the lockdown: ‘Go back to life’

According to IC doctor Diederik Gommers, the enormous decrease in the number of hospital admissions gives ‘a completely different feeling’. In addition, vaccination is really making progress.

‘Very enthousiastic’

“Of course we knew this was coming, but when you actually see it happening, it really makes me very excited,” said Gommers. Watch the entire conversation here:

Gommers expects everyone to be well vaccinated by the end of the summer. “Then we get our ‘new life’ back,” he said.

Young people’s willingness to vaccinate

According to the IC doctor, it is only exciting how high the vaccination preparedness among young people will be. “If we succeed in achieving a vaccination rate of 75 percent in the Netherlands, the reproduction number (the so-called R) will remain below one.” In this way, we remain protected against a new outbreak of the virus in the autumn and winter.

What does the IC doctor think about the next relaxations, which may already start on June 25? Given the rapidly decreasing number of infections, it is possible, Gommers said. “The only tricky thing about our behavior is: if we get a finger, we take the whole hand. We pretend it’s all over.”

‘Take my heart’

We therefore have to stick to the basic rules for a while, Gommers said. “We have all done this by working together. It is a weight of my heart that the virus goes away and we can do normal things again.”