Music distributor Nadim El Shaeri expressed his solidarity with the artist Hala Shiha, in her rejection of some of the scenes she filmed in the movie “Mesh Anna” and her objection to her showing in the clip for the song “Bahebak”, which was released last Monday on YouTube.

Nadim, the son of artist Hamid Al-Shaeri, defended Hala’s position, and wrote on his Facebook account: “In girls, I do not like the words of Hala Shiha, and this remains the top of atheism.”

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He added: “The new generation does not accept the veil. Follow your daughters for 10 years, too. Egypt will not remain an Islamic country, what we see is this.”

Nadim Al-Shaeri asked: “Who are you going to rise up to, which girl!? Over the jacket!? You just don’t believe in anyone with this force and that it can change for the better. Your daughters’ asthma.”

Nadim explained his point of view in a later publication, in which he wrote: “You know who returns to our Lord, and then he forgets him again, and then he returns to him. It is impossible for him to say that he has no principle, we can say that we were not strong enough.”

He continued: “But the one who does not really have a principle, who does not feel the people who repent and delves into their symptoms with ease, and decides that they are lonely people.”

He concluded, explaining: “These people will not socialize because one day you will be allowed to. Beware the fickle, the fickle, and the lost.”

It is noteworthy that Hala Shiha was subjected to several criticisms from the makers of the movie “Mesh Ana” and a number of artists, after she attacked Tamer Hosni for showing the clip of the song “Love You”.

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