With such announcements, these companies are going against an executive order issued by Texas Governor Greg Abbott that opposes this federal obligation in his state. These three companies are the largest providers of jobs in Texas.

Although its headquarters are based in Texas, American Airlines said Tuesday it was reviewing the executive order issued by Governor Abbott, but that it did not change anything for the company. “The federal vaccine mandate takes precedence over all state laws,” a spokesperson said in a message to AFP.

Southwest Airlines has spoken in similar terms. “We are expected to submit to the president’s decree.”

IBM has also signaled that it complies with US federal law and that by December 8 its employees will have to be vaccinated.

Federal law above all

The White House spokeswoman recalled Tuesday that federal law “prevailed” over the laws of American states. “Federal law prevails over the law of the federated states,” said Jen Psaki, when asked about the initiative by Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott.

US President Joe Biden, after refusing for a long time to take binding decisions, said a month ago that vaccination against Covid-19 would become mandatory for some 100 million workers, federal government officials and employees in the private sector.

However, the Biden administration has still not published the rules that will frame the practical application of this obligation in the private companies concerned, those with more than 100 employees.

“There is not really any historical precedent for (this vaccine obligation in companies) and we want to do well”, justified the spokesperson for the White House, when asked about this implementation deadline.


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