Ian passes away, boy who needed the most expensive medicine in the world

Ian was one of 20 children in Ecuador who need Zolgensma, which costs USD 2.1 million and is used to try to stop spinal muscular atrophy.

Ian Rivera, one of the 20 children in Ecuador who need the most expensive medicine in the world, died on the night of Thursday, July 15, in Manabí, after health complications due to his illness.

The minor suffered spinal muscular atrophy, degenerative congenital disease that causes a muscle weakness to death.

This ailment is treated with the medicine known as Zolgensma, which costs $ 2.1 million and it serves to try to stop this degenerative disease.

Ian’s situation was made public in April, when his parents made the case public, in order to obtain the necessary funds to acquire the treatment, which consists of a single dose that is applied outside of Ecuador.

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