“I was a little upset because they didn't give me the MVP of the month of April”

“I was a little upset because they didn't give me the MVP of the month of April”

  • Walter Zimmermann

Griezmann was the great protagonist of Atlético de Madrid-Cádiz. He scored two goals as soon as he started and confirmed his good form, and after seeing that LaLiga has not given him the MVP for the month of April, it seems that he is going for May.

personal performance

“They didn’t give me the MVP for the month of April and then I was a little angry. It has been seen in the first minutes. I’ve actually really enjoyed it and it’s a joy to be here. Once again scoring five goals playing a good game. To continue like this”.

the goals

“I had already spoken with Yannick, if he was too far forward in the area that the back pass existed. And in the end he has put it on me perfectly and I have tried with the interior to place it at the far post. In the second I was up, the ball came to me, I’m going to face, he looked for someone to throw a wall, Thom gives it to me very well and he shot me a little because he was a little behind me ”.


“They are legends of the club. I try to do things so that they will remember me many years from now. It is an objective for me to be able to overcome them because they are legends of Atleti ”.

If the improvement had come before

“Could be. You have to enjoy the moment, you have to keep working and you don’t have to think about the past, but you have to look forward, and work as we continue to do to be as high as possible. And next year start from scratch again.

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“I like the hair so let’s enjoy it.”

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Walter Zimmermann


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