I took off my ring and told him…

“I was the one who asked for a divorce. I took off my ring in front of him and told him that I wanted to separate,” he added forcefully.

And although she revealed that there was a specific event that led her to make the tough decision, she did not want to reveal what it was.

“Yes. There was an event, but I’m not going to tell you what it was. I dropped the chip. And when you drop one, they all drop, like a domino effect…”, sumo.

“I had been warning and proposing… That open couple was a gag, it was something I told Moria Casán… We didn’t carry it out, but if we had, what’s the problem? Each couple It’s a world”sentenced.

Maria Fernanda Callejon

Moving letter from Ricky Diotto after separating from María Fernanda Callejón

Some days ago, Angel of Brito confirmed in LAM, America TV, what Maria Fernanda Callejon separated from Ricky Diotto after eleven years together and a daughter, Giovanna. The rumors of a crisis had been coming for a while and the actress finally confirmed the end of the relationship.

The cycle driver read in LAM a statement where the actress released the news: “We have to inform you that, after 11 years as a couple, we have made the difficult decision to separate you. During this time they have witnessed our effort as a couple and family to achieve our dream, which began with our union and the blessed arrival of our daughter, Giovanna, whom we adore with all our hearts and wish to accompany in every step of her young life to to be the best possible person”, the message begins.

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And followed: “That is why, after a lot of work and reflection, as a couple and as individuals, we came to the conclusion that this decision is the best for us, but above all for her and her individual development. We will continue together, as proud parents, supporting her, united as a family that we are”.

After the announcement of Maria Fernanda Callejon confirming the separation, Ricky Diotto He shared an emotional post on his Instagram account in pure praise for the actress and mother of his daughter, with whom he was in a relationship for eleven years.

“One noon I picked her up to go eat, it was eleven years ago, after a month I went to live with her. We traveled, laughed, cried and formed a wonderful family. Meeting her changed my life forever, the fruit of that unconditional love our daughter was born who today is the most important thing we have and we must protect”started Ricky your post.

And followed: “We are still wondering what happened, there were no third parties here, infidelities or anything like that, we are simply not the same as always and we cannot continue on this path that is not doing anyone any good…” .

“That is why, with Fer, we made the decision to separate and move forward with each one of our lives, having our daughter’s happiness as a priority,” he remarked. Ricky Diotto.

And closed: “We will always be a family and I will be grateful for the rest of my life for everything we have built together, we gave every last drop for this love and for this relationship, that has to leave us calm and in peace.”

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