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Or Lady’s Gambit

This is the series that made chess “cool” again, making it so that suddenly, the millions of subscribers who made this series the most watched on Netflix ever felt the need not only to learn, but to have their own board at home. It discusses the story of a genius young American woman in the late 50s who tries to conquer the world of chess (dominated by men) while dealing with drug addictions and demons from her past.

Breaking Bad

Much has been written about what made this series one of the best ever made. From the evolution of characters from season to season to episodes built around a fly, “Breaking Bad” stood out for its originality and cast. Who knew that the plot of a teacher fighting cancer and a former student who come together to sell meth could teach us so much about life?

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Peaky Blinders

It may seem strange, but one of the biggest gangsters of history comes from Birmingham, UK. After the First World War, the Shelby family, led by Tommy Shelby, was conquering the pulse, between schemes with games of chance and conspiracies with the government of Our Majesty, its place in English society. However, many obstacles appear in your path, which put your life and those close to you at risk.

The Crown

For decades, millions of people have wondered about how the British royal family lives. It was not something that was at the distance of a Google search and newspapers never manage to paint an image completely. “The Crown” complemented some gaps (although fictionalizing some stories), in 2016, when the first season debuted, showing how Queen Isabel II (now 94 years old) came to power and what happened behind the scenes of the English monarchy over the past 70 years. And yes, Princess Diana appears.


There is science in money laundering and in this story we find a man, Marty Byrde, who puts himself in a bad spot for doing this to the wrong people. With his life and that of his family at risk, he decides to escape to a place where no one would ever go looking for them. Although well thought out, the plan is not perfect and now Marty has to do what he has always done in a city in the middle of nowhere, not to get rich, but to protect his life and that of his family.


A comedy series about second chances. At a second-rate American university, six adults trying to give their lives a different direction (for different reasons) decide to form a study group that will facilitate their passage on a Spanish course. Useful meetings quickly become the most important people in each other’s lives, while facing the tough university challenges and expectations they have for their future.

Arrested Development

When the patriarch of a family is arrested for fraud, the family is forced to adapt to a new reality made up of financial difficulties, where the eldest son has to conduct operations and make difficult decisions. If it was already complicated with a normal family, with a 100% dysfunctional one the task becomes in many cases almost impossible. There is patience, tolerance and space to laugh.

Sex Education

Intimacy is a difficult topic to address, especially in adolescence when the first discoveries are made. In “Sex Education”, Otis, a young teenager, decides to use the lessons he learned from his mother, a sex therapist, and forms a sexual counseling clinic with his crush, Maeve, and together they not only help their classmates with whom they have classes, but also develop a profitable business. But mixing emotions and business can work badly, sooner or later.

The Last Dance

Sports fans (and good stories), this one is for you. Michael Jordan, for many the best basketball player of all time, won six NBA championships with his Chicago Bulls. His last season in the team was accompanied by a film crew with privileged access that took advantage of these images to remember not only that season, but Jordan’s own career and the way it has become a worldwide phenomenon.

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BoJack Horseman

A series of animation that both makes us laugh and cry. In a critique of the Hollywood world, Bojack Horseman is a disgraced actor after gaining popularity in a series when he was younger. While dealing with alcohol and drug addictions, he tries to gain prominence and turn his life around with his charisma and sarcasm, but, more than once, he finds that actions are worth more than words.

Final credits

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