Fabio Rovazzi has only shared three posts in the past four months. The singer and creator preferred silence as the world changed due to the pandemic. He who because of the coronavirus, last April, also lost his grandfather. And now the 24 year old, champion of visualizations and catchphrases, is back to tell himself online to share thoughts, fears and reflections. «I really wanted to give you a song to dance and unleash you this summer. Unfortunately it didn’t happen, “he writes,”The quarantine period was a real personal nightmare: it swallowed me in total darkness and spit me out changing me ».

And again: «It was an occasion to stop and reflect on life’s priorities. Often, especially these days, we don’t realize the really important things. I could have pretended, in the studio and on stage, to be happy. Unfortunately I am not capable ». This year there won’t be any. Let’s go to command: «The songs have always been an extension of my mood and if I had been forced to make one now it would have come out a dramatic tear-jerking piece (which I gladly avoid you) ».

The last intervention of the Lombard singer had been against the deniers of the virus: «When someone says that the coronavirus does not exist, I take it head on. going crazy. I experienced the drama up close. “


Fabio Rovazzi remembers his beloved grandfather, who died of the coronavirus


Fabio Rovazzi: «When I go through, and then overcome, the void»