I still silently hope that Slovakia is not Kuffa (events of the week)

I still silently hope that Slovakia is not Kuffa (events of the week)

Tomáš Hudák, screenwriter and comedian

Event of the week

Kill me (as if Marián Kuffa shouted pathetically), but I can’t help it: the funniest event of the week was Wednesday’s protest in front of the PO Hviezdoslav Theater in Bratislava. Hundreds of people gathered on it to – and now read carefully – express their disapproval of the advertising campaign and visuals of the theater for the current season. People must be incredibly bored at home when an advertising poster pulls them out into the streets. What will the next protest be against? Against the visual packaging of Orava bryndza or against the advertising campaign for pickles? But beware! Maybe Matica Slovak has finally found something and can be useful. Perhaps if we changed its purpose by law to control the visuals of products of daily consumption, it would do more for the nation in a year than it has done in the last thirty with its current focus. If only so many reports weren’t too much for one Romana Tabák.

Underrated event of the week

While Richard Sulík was practicing his basics of ice melting physics with Michal Kovačič, the real experts

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