“I need a competent partner in local government”

The conflicts between New York City Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio seem to have no end, after Cuomo publicly attacked him on Wednesday assuring that his departure from mayor “cannot come soon enough” and that you need “a competent partner within the local government”.

“It is difficult for me to work with an administration that is hyper-political and not competent,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo offered his congratulations to Adams, but added that he was not sure if the preliminary results of Tuesday’s election meant that the Brooklyn Borough President and former New York Police Captain would ultimately emerge victorious.

“I think, overall, choosing a new mayor is very, very positive for the city,” Cuomo added.

“Trust in the mayor is very, very important, he said. Confidence in the mayor’s leadership and the mayor’s competence is very important and I believe that with a new mayor you will see an increase in confidence in the leadership and an increase in competition from the New York City administration. “

According to The New York Post, Cuomo lashed out at the city’s growing problems with crime and homelessness, calling the quality of life in the Big Apple “the urgent problem of the day.”

The website also cited that Cuomo had a good relationship with Adams, a former Brooklyn state senator, and predicted that he will “instill confidence” in part because of his status as a former cop.

“I think he is a person who will step forward and show real leadership, especially on the issue of quality of life and crime,” he said.

Cuomo once again lashed out at De Blasio, assuring that “doing nothing is the worst thing you can do, and that is what has happened here.”