Continue to discuss the reaction of the fans of the Milan upon the return of Donnarumma a San Siro.

During Italy-Spain of Nations League, the former Rossoneri goalkeeper was caught by the whistles of the public, not without some controversy.

On Saturday 9 October directly in Turin, Le Iene intercepted the current extreme defender of the PSG and, as you can see from the video, they asked him for his first impressions after what happened.

All within hours of the match valid for the third / fourth place of Nations League, then won by the Azzurri against Belgium.

Donnarumma caught by hyenas: the video of the interview

Video, Donnarumma, Hyenas

Intercepted by Hyenas, the PSG goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma answered some questions about what happened during the Nations League match between Italy and Spain.

There is a bit of disappointment because I spent eight years at Milan and therefore it is always an emotion to return to San Siro” has explained the former Rossoneri.

itsthe whistles he then added: “Sorrow is normal. I grew up here and have always been a Milan fan, the eight years are not easily forgotten“.

The promise to the Rossoneri fans

video donnarumma hyenas
video, Donnarumma, Hyenas

Once he expressed his displeasure for what happened, Donnarumma had a temporary tattoo col logo del Milan.

A provocation by the envoy of the Hyenas, to try to mend relations with the Rossoneri world.

The gesture has already caused discussion this morning, when the first photos of the interview then aired began to appear on the net.

Turn it into permanent once back in Paris? You seeI love, let’s see … ok okay! ” he then promised.

The video of Donnarumma’s interview with the Hyenas

The interview with the microphones of the Hyenas was aired during the episode aired today Tuesday 12 October.

Who he link to review the video in case you missed some steps.

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